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Mom Mothers Day Photo

I Love My Mom

If you haven’t told your mother that you love her, make sure to do it today.   Mother’s Day 2017 Mom, I don’t think…


Regions Bank Sidewalk

Regions Bank – It’s Time to Expect More I expect more. Much more. I have contacted both Melissa Perez, Bank Manager at Regions Bank, and…


Please Vote!

Do you think your vote means nothing? If so, you’re wrong. You are an individual and you matter. You are special. Take that special…


Memphis Food Boner

A Fat Man Knows About Food – I’m now enrolled in a Food Writing class at the University of Memphis. Our first assignment is…

AMen corner

Masters 2016

So they change the location of the holes on the greens at Augusta National? Please! They keep the hole location in the same place…


Hello, Siri?

I used Siri to call my friend David yesterday. I said, “Call David Smith home.” Then I thought –  I hope God isn’t listening.


Bird Watching

I spotted a hawk yesterday while out bird watching. I focused in on him only to see him watching me. Like a hawk. Like…


Study Hall

I entered Omaha Northwest High School in the fall of 1972. I was a sophomore and at the time the school only served 10th-12th…