A dull knife is a doorstop.

Think about a knife.

Why do you use one? To cut meat? To cut vegetables? To open a package? If your knife isn’t sharp, you’re doing most of the work.

The tool should be doing the work and you should be driving. You’ll marvel at the ease of being able to slice through food with a sharp knife, not having realized how dull it was. Spending $6 per blade to have your knives professionally sharpened is money well spent.

For that $6 (plus tax), I will create a new edge on your knife. I will then sharpen that edge, hone the sharpened edge, and polish the honed edge. Knife blades are then run across a leather stop on a belt sander to further define the straight edge.  All work is professionally done on a TruHone industrial sharpener, with rotating honing stones. This allows the same angle to be achieved consistently on both sides of the blade, throughout the length of the knife.

Drop your block of knives off at the UPS Store – 111 S. Highland just north of Poplar Ave. Leave your name and phone number with the people behind the counter. Do not fill out any paperwork (it will cost you more money). I will pick up your knives, sharpen them and have them ready within 24-48 hours.

Any questions, call me at 901.258.8211 or e-mail me at steve@onesharpdude.com. Website is www.onesharpdude.com

After all, a dull knife is just a door stop.

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