Funny Stuff


Conversation between me and a Memphis police detective – MPD: So, Mr. Collins, you say you were robbed at gunpoint by a prostitute? Me:…


This just in from FOX News – It turns out that ice cold water actually CAUSES ALS. More details as our experts examine this…


I pray that all the people in Napa Valley were not hurt during the recent earthquake. I also pray that this will not adversely…

No duh!

Several years ago, and by several I mean over 25, I was on the phone with my mother. I’m at work and we’re have…


“They can make a movie set to make it looked like man walked on the moon, but they can’t make CheetosĀ© that won’t stick…


“I’m just a songwriter right now until I can get a job waiting tables.” – Steve Collins, 2014


“Watching Wimbledon, I remember I was a pretty good tennis player on grass. On cocaine, not so much.” – Steve Collins, 2014


“I flossed my teeth today. And I don’t even have a DENTIST appointment this week.” – Steve Collins, 2014