Funny Stuff

Healthy for Sex

Conversation with my cardiologist upon my discharge after my heart transplant – Me: Is my heart healthy enough to have sex again? Dr. E:…


“That ironic moment when you realize that the Xfinity commercial is being pixelized on your Comcast signal.” Steve Collins, 2014

dinner guest from hell

The Royal Baby was born. All the hoopla and pomp and/or circumstance came and went and we all lived through it. Such a blessing….

Ciao Bella

Vicki (love her to death) and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary at Ciao Bella Italian Restaurant this evening. It’s located on Poplar just…

Assisted Living

Vicki (love her to death) and I were out today running some errands.  We stopped by Midsouth Transplant Foundation to get some blood work…