Funny Stuff

National Geographic

Percentage-wise, the National Geographic channel has not enlightened me NEAR as much as did the National Geographic magazine back when I was 11.

To-Do Lists

“I’m an excellent list maker. I’m just a horrible list crosser-off-erer.” Kimberly Collins Wharton, 2012

Hockey 5-hole

“My ability to block the #5 hole is both amazing and painful.” Steve Collins, 2012

I’m Ugly

“I’m just as ugly as the rest of you guys. I’m just more comfortable in my ugliness.” Steve Collins, 2011

Heart Transplant

“There’s nothing wrong with me that a heart transplant can’t cure.” Steve Collins, 2011, before his heart transplant

Gang Member

Does anyone know the date of Gang rush? I’m looking to join a gang, you know, for networking opportunities and social activities.

Bigger Than Life

“I’m not bigger than life. I’m roughly the same size.” Steve Collins, 2010

Deviated Septum

“My heart’s in the right place, but I do have a deviated septum.” Steve Collins, 2010