Chinese Restaurant – Vol. I

I was having lunch with my daughters at a Chinese Buffet. They were 9 and 11 at the time. We’d just sat down and I realize that I did not get any hot mustard. Kelly, my youngest, was going back to get some soup, so I asked her to get me a container of the hot mustard. Now, I would have put it in one of those little containers, but she filled a soup bowl 1/3 full and brought it back to the table. I smiled to myself and we enjoyed our meal. The server came by to clear the table. As she reached for the bowl with the left-over hot mustard, I waved my hand in front of my mouth and said to her, “Ma’am that soup in VERY hot.” She did not understand my humor. Instead, she looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “Ho’ mustah.”

We paid the bill and still laugh about it to this day. Meanwhile, this Asian server tells the same story about this stupid man who thought the hot mustard was soup.

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