Chinese Restaurant – Vol. II

My brother and I were having lunch at New Asia, a Chinese restaurant in Germantown, TN. They have a very good lunch special and an outstanding Egg Drop Soup. We ordered our meal on this winter day and out came our soup. After it was finished, the server brought out our meal. She came by shortly thereafter and asked if everything was okay. As we didn’t have any chopsticks on the table, I asked for some. “How many?” she asked. I didn’t know if my brother wanted any or not, but it now seemed like they were rationing the wooden eating utensils. “A minimum of two,” I replied. My brother smiled. I smiled. The server did not smile. She came back with two sets of chopsticks. I saw no need to explain our grins. She would not have understood anyway.

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    Jay Walker

    You eat too much no Buffet for You!

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