#Conversation this morning between me and Vicki Hurley Collins

VHC: What would you like for breakfast this morning?
Note: This is not always a question to which she wants an honest answer. This is a question she wants an answer which with she agrees.
Me: Bacon & eggs?
VHC: (Look of disapproval)
Me: Oatmeal with strawberries?
VHC: (Look of disapproval)
Me: What would you like for breakfast?
VHC: How about I pick up some donuts?
Me: I don’t want that much sugar. We’re going to the crawfish boil this afternoon and I plan on getting my fill.
VHC: Right. So it’s a no calorie day.
Me: You want donuts, don’t you?
VHC: I’m leaving now.
VHC: (Brings home donuts)
Me: Thanks. Where is yours?
VHC: I already ate it. It wasn’t very good. They were out of the apple-filled.
Me: So what is the lesson we’ve learned here?
VHC: That that is a very popular doughnut.
Me: No. The lesson is that you need to get up earlier.
VHC: Well, we both know that’s not going to happen. (Goes into the kitchen. Fries up some bacon)

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