Home Alarm

#Conversation between me and Vicki Hurley Collins at 3AM –
Me: (Texts) Can you come downstairs?
VHC: (Sleepwalks downstairs, hears beeping noise) What’s going on?
Me: I don’t know. Can you check on it?
VHC: (Walks over to alarm pad) It says error code 305.
Me: Did you disarm it?
VHC: (Disarms alarm) It’s still beeping. Do you know what error code 305 is?
Me: (Beeping continues) I do not.
VHC: (Continues to sleepily look at alarm) I have no idea what it is. (Long pause, followed by cessation of beeping) It was the oven.
Me: The oven? I thought you turned it off.
VHC: I did. It was the timer.
Me: The timer?
VHC: Yeah. I guess I set it earlier.
Me: For eight hours?
VHC: I think I meant to set it for eight minutes.
Me: Is it done?
VHC: The alarm?
Me: No. Whatever was in the oven?
VHC: Good night.

UPDATE: The error code turned out to be the time of day. She realized this when she set the alarm the following night. I asked her what the error code was then. She said 928. That’s right. 9:28PM.

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