Hope we get this #Kroger mess worked out

Hope we get this #Kroger mess worked out soon. I’m out of milk.

Thanks to all my friends who have been so supportive of me, and for re-tweeting my status with their friends and on corporate pages. Here is what has happened so far:

I posted my original post on my FB page and sent a tweet to Kroger on Saturday, I got a call from this lady telling me she would look into it on Monday. I called her again this afternoon, but have yet to get a call back. I also filled out a complaint form at kroger.com and have not heard anything back on that either:

Kroger Corporate
Lisa Liason to the Executive Office
The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Friday, June 18th, I got this reply back from Security One. I called and left a message for him on Friday and have yet to hear from him:

Mr. and Mrs. Collins,
On behalf of the ownership group and the management team of Security One, we appreciate you bringing this incident to our attention. We will look immediately look into the allegations. We take the reputation of our officers and our company very seriously.
Barry L. Marshall President
3715 South Perkins, Suite 14 Memphis, TN 38118
Telephone: 901-346-7746
Cellular: 901-497-2973

I then went in and rated his FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Security-One/133787516672730?fref=ts

Memphis Mayor AC Wharton got a tweet @MayorACWharton to which he has not responded.

Mayor A C Wharton
65 Union Avenue, Suite 840
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 278-0881

I sent an e-mail this morning to the property owners voicing my dismay over their supposed security force, Security One. no response yet:

Finard Properties
Tennessee Regional Office
68 South Prescott Street, Suite 304
Memphis, TN 38111
Phone: 901-458-8922
Email: info@finardproperties.com

But what surprises me most of all, is that I have yet to hear back from Kroger locally:

Kroger Delta Division
Robert Peggs
District Manager
800 Ridge Lake Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38120

On the bright side, I did see that Bruce VanWyngarden with the Memphis Flyer is looking into it, and I got the following tweet from Andy Wise:

Andy Wise @AndyWise5 30 Jun @SteveCollinsFun e-mail me your phone number, awise@wmctv.com, & I’ll call u whn I return July 8.

Anybody wanting to follow the future adventures of this crazy man I call me, like my FB page stevecollinsfunny.com my blog www.stevecollinsfunny.com is updating this week.


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    I have also shared your blog and the incident on my fb page, I wrote a letter to Kroger (e-mail), and I also shared this blog with our local newspaper.
    Customer Service apparently is no longer their no.1 priority.

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    Thanks, Laruen. I appreciate your support.

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    Also posted to FB with this post and your blogpost from onesharpdude. Four boycotters so far.


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      Thanks, Stormy. I hope this gets worked out soon. I called the corporate office back on Tues. afternoon as I didn’t hear from them since Sat. when Lisa called and said she would look into it on Monday. I left a message. 24 hours later, I called and was told Lisa was on another call. Would I like to leave a message? No, I told the other lady, “I left a message yesterday, and guess I’m not that important.”
      “Oh, no,” she said corporately, “Every valued customer at Kroger is important.” So I left my name and number (which Lisa already had). Lisa calls back later and announces her name just like she is returning my call. I say nothing. She then asks if I want an update. I tell her that would be nice. She says that the people who need to know about the issue have been notified. I tell her that I called her yesterday. She responds by telling me yes, she was in meetings. Oh, meetings.

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