I Love My Mom

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If you haven’t told your mother that you love her, make sure to do it today.


Mother’s Day 2017


I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much you mean to me. I know I get the gift of gab from you, and that has helped me in my career more than you can ever imagine. I’m able to talk to complete strangers and people from all walks of life, and in any station in life, without hesitation. I get that from you and it has served me well.

I remember growing up that you would bake brownies and cookies and homemade fudge. Comfort food. Dale and I would steal little slivers from the fudge so thin that you would never notice. We didn’t realize that all those little slivers added up to about 4 squares of fudge. It was delicious and those are some of the memories that I will cherish forever.

You were always quick to laugh at my jokes. That helped me develop my (some might say “warped”) sense of humor. At any rate, it gave me confidence in myself and my ability to tell a story. It also gave me the strength to talk in front of a crowd.

I know we weren’t well off, but you made sure that we always has clothes on our backs, a comfortable place to sleep at night, and made sure we never went to be hungry. So many others were not as blessed to have a mother like you.

Thanks for putting up with whatever shenanigans Dale and I put you through. Dale may have gotten into more trouble than I did, but I want to be clear about this: we did the same things. I just didn’t get caught as much as Dale did. He is also a blessing to me. Thanks for giving me a brother.

I’ve not often been able to share my feelings with people, but thanks for being patient with me. I love you and you’ve always been a great mom.




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