Regions Bank Sidewalk

Regions Bank – It’s Time to Expect More

I expect more. Much more. I have contacted both Melissa Perez, Bank Manager at Regions Bank, and Kathy Lovell, Senior Vice President and Manager of Americans with Disabilities regarding the sidewalk in front of their location at 3307 Poplar Ave. in Memphis, TN. For the past 16 months I’ve explained the problem, a lack of curb cuts that allow me to travel in my wheelchair on the south sidewalk, westbound on Poplar Ave. The Regions Bank sidewalk. The city of Memphis has asked them to repair their sidewalk. They will not. Am I expecting too much?

This video shows the problem:

I am put in a precarius situation every time I travel along Poplar Ave, The ADA has been a law for 26 years now. Regions Bank does not care about my safety. If you know anyone at Regions Bank or with the City of Memphis, please relay my problem. Thanks. This is the contact information of Ms. Lovell:

Kathy V. Lovell,  ADAC

Senior Vice President

Americans With Disabilities Manager

Regions Center 9th Floor

Phone:     205-264-7495

Fax:            205-264-0339

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